Watertown MTP Virtual Public Meeting

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Virtual Public Information Meeting

This virtual public meeting for the Watertown Area Master Transportation Plan Update is now closed. The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) in conjunction with the City of Watertown are updating the Master Transportation Plan for Watertown and looking at existing and future transportation needs for the area. Thank you for your participation in the online meeting!

Watertown welcome sign
Watertown architecture

The existing conditions analysis was completed in the fall of 2020 and the first online public meeting and online survey for the project was conducted in January of 2021. The project team has now completed the traffic forecasts for years 2030 and 2040 and traffic operations analysis to identify where future improvements/needs may be warranted. Additionally, the team has also completed analysis and prepared recommendations for the Standards Development phase, which reviewed development standards for transportation related needs, truck and emergency routes, bicycle and pedestrian needs, pavement maintenance, and the future street network/functional classification.

You will be able to review the results of the first online meeting/survey and review and comment on the Future Needs Analysis and Standards Development Analysis which has recently been completed.


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Meeting No. 1 Review

Earlier Engagement

As noted in the Welcome segment, the first Online Public Information Meeting and Online Transportation Needs Survey was held throughout the month of January of 2021. If you were not able to participate in the first online meeting and would like to review the Existing Conditions Analysis, a link to the archived meeting is provided.

Transportation Needs Survey Results

Additionally, a link to the Summary of the Online Meeting No. 1 and Transportation Needs Survey Results is also provided for review.

Photos from the project area


Future Conditions Analysis

The Future Conditions Analysis evaluated the impact of 2030 and 2040 future-year traffic volumes on the existing Watertown transportation system, focusing on study corridors and study intersections. The goal of this analysis is to identify intersection and corridor related traffic capacity and operational needs through the 2040 Planning Horizon. Based on these analyses, Build Alternatives were developed to address operational and deficiencies.

Click on the provided video to learn more about the Future Conditions Analysis and improvements identified to address capacity issues. Further, you will also be able to learn about safety related improvements to address areas where the prior safety analysis identified crash trends.

A summary of the Future Conditions Analysis is provided to review the analysis in more detail.

Photo from the project area


Standards Development

The Standards Development Analysis reviewed many transportation related items and standards/critera, including:

  • Major Streets/Roadway Classification System
  • Truck Route Network
  • Emergency/Hospital Routes
  • Pavement Maintenance/Rehabilitation
  • Design Standards/Development Coordination
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan/Network

Click on the provided video to learn more about the Standards Development Analysis and recommendations.

A link to the Standards Development Memo/Analysis and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Memo/Analysis is provided if you would like to review the analysis in more detail.

Photos from the project area


Conclusion, Comments, and Questions

Thank you for your interest in the Watertown Area Master Transportation Plan Update! Please view the short conclusion video and learn how you can provide comments and ask questions.


This online meeting is now closed. Please visit the Conclustion, Comments, and Questions slide for more information.